These are various exercises done in order to learn and better understand HTML, CSS, and javascript.
These are mulitple renditions of the same poem created using only certain elements in HTML and CSS. There are five levels and three versions within each level.
This is the story of a trip. The way it is presented is meant to represent the way a trip operates. As you go, you will have to choose the path you take as there are multiple. If you cannot figure out how to move on from a page, keep searching. It's hard to find things when you're tripping. Just move your mouse around, watch closely, and you'll figure out how to get to the end.
The final culmination of what I have learned in this class. This is the Playground Portfolio. As an extension of my usual portfolio, this portolio is meant to show off the skills I've learned in web design as well as create a fun space for work that didn't quite make the cut for the main portfolio.